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Blue River Basin: Dodson Industrial District Park Phase 3

Contract No: W912DQ-06-C-0056     Contract Amount: $10,290,000    Contract Start: Nov. 2006    Actual Completion: Dec. 2009

The third phase of the Dodson Industrial Park, Blue River Base Flood Damage Reduction project consisted of the installation of an earthen embankment levee to help alleviate flood damage from the Blue River in the vicinity of Prospect Avenue.  The project began with the excavation of over 42,000 tons of solid waste from a previous landfill.  During the excavation, shoring was placed adjacent to Prospect Avenue to stabilize the road and bridge. 


ESI began installing temporary junction structures that would allow for the temporary bypassing of the live 96” sanitary sewer line.  The new permanent 96” RCP sanitary sewer was placed on full concrete pipe cradles with the addition of a gatewell structure.  After installation of the new line, the temporary junction structures and bypass line were removed. 


As a part of this contract, neighboring Boone Creek was routed underneath the levee via the installation of a 96” storm drainage line consisting of fully cradled 96” RCP, a second gatewell structure, inlet and outlet structures placed on grouted piers and the installation of a 96” flap gate. Between the two 96” RCP lines, approximately 500 linear feet of pipe was installed.


Both the Boone Creek storm drainage gatewell and sanitary sewer gatewell structures were raised simultaneously with the earthen embankment fill.  Between all of the structures, nearly 1,500 cubic yards of concrete was placed.  In all, over 147,000 cubic yards of impervious and random fill was placed in the levee.  11,676 tons of rip-rap, rip-rap bedding, and levee surfacing were placed on the river side of the levee and the levee top.  To finalize the project, the 96” sluice gates and gate operators were installed in both the sanitary sewer and Boone Creek gatewell structures.

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