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Cranberry Bend Chute and Levee

Contract No: W912DQ-14-C-1086     Contract Amount: $5,590,000     Contract Start: September 2014     Actual Completion: April 2016

The Cranberry Bend Chute and Levee Setback Project includes a large amount of material stockpiling and planning in order to complete the project. Material had to be classified when being excavated from the chute and determined if the material was suitable for levee or underseepage berm placement. The two flow control structures in the chute required precise operating of excavators and bulldozers to ensure the work was built in accordance to the plans. ESI placed riprap for slope protection in the chute as well. A lot of coordination was required on-site due to the necessity of large amounts of equipment being operated in the process of digging, hauling, and stockpiling/placing material from the chute and to the levee portion of the project. ESI took extensive dewatering measures to ensure that the project could be safely constructed.


Additional risk and hazards occurred when the Missouri River reached flood stages for nearly four consecutive months. ESI was flooded out of the project site and required to move all equipment to higher ground. After the river dropped, ESI recorded moderate amounts of damage to the permanent work already completed on the project. ESI had to remove the silt that filled into the chute to bring the chute back to final grade. The project site at Cranberry Bend was very susceptible to being rained out due to the wet conditions of the soil. The work made significant headway in the winter when the typically wet and muddy ground was frozen and hard enough for all equipment to traverse on.

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