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NKC Levee Broadway Extension

Contract No: 81086     Contract Amount: $2,480,000     Contract Start: June 2015    Actual Completion: August 2016

ESI coordinated and executed the riprap stone slope protection placement of a difficult portion of levee along the banks of the Missouri River for the NKC Levee Broadway Extension Project. The Broadway Extension is a portion of Highway 169 that is jammed between the steep bank of the Missouri River on the west side, a railroad yard on the east side, the KCMO Water Pump Station to the north, and the Downtown Wheeler Airport to the south. ESI placed riprap on the nearly mile long Broadway Extension with precise actions to ensure the safety of all workers on-site. Additional work was completed on the NKC Levee District levees on the south side of the Downtown Wheeler Airport, including the Harlem Reach, National Starch Outfall Structure, and Rock Creek Outlet. ESI constructed a low water crossing near the National Starch Outlet using two 48" diameter pipe and large riprap to allow for ESI's equipment to reach all portions of the levee. The riprap placed onto the levee slope was produced and hauled from ESI's 63rd Street Quarry.

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