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Turkey Creek Restored Channel Phase 3

Contract No: W912DQ-14-C-1076     Contract Amount: $7,210,000     Contract Start: September 2014     Actual Completion: March 2016

The Turkey Creek Restored Channel Phase III project was a flood protection project aimed at protecting adjacent buildings along the edge of Turkey Creek. For this stretch of channel, ESI installed three drilled shaft walls of 54” and 66” drilled shafts along the channels’ banks, each rock-socketed into bedrock and filled with reinforced concrete as well as a levee lined with riprap placement.  Originally, a gravity wall was designed to be in the three places next to the BNSF 4.4 Bridge.  As part of ESI’s Value Engineering design, ESI proposed and designed an alternate to the gravity walls, which was both a betterment and cost savings design, in that three drilled shaft walls, totaling to thirty-three drilled shafts, would provide better protection for the bridge from the fast-rising channel.  The drilled shaft walls had either a shotcrete fascia or a cast-in-place concrete fascia. Additional work included the installation of a flood warning system, levee construction, channel construction, riprap slope protection, construction of a metal building, sanitary and storm sewer pipe work, inlet and outlet culverts including a 108” storm sewer system, fencing, seeding, and paving of Mill Street.  

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