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Turkey Creek Walled Channel

Contract No: W912DQ-10-C-1030     Contract Amount: $14,080,000     Contract Start: June 2010     Actual Completion: December 2011

The Turkey Creek Walled Channel project is a flood protection project aimed at protecting adjacent buildings along the edge of Turkey Creek. For this 1,300 lf stretch of channel we have installed over (200) 54” and 66” drilled shafts along the channels’ banks, each rock-socketed into bedrock and filled with reinforced concrete.  Originally, steel plates were to span the gaps between each drilled shaft.  As part of our design, ESI proposed and designed an alternative pre-cast concrete panel and subsequently welded these panels in place between the shafts to form the foundation for the shotcrete wall. 


In addition to shotcrete walls, large portions are cast-in-place concrete T-Walls and Gravity Walls.  Installed mid-channel was an outfall structure comprised of cast-in-place concrete energy dissipators and an up-stream grade control structure to help mitigate the effects of flooding, each rock-anchored into the bed-rock below. The project was completed with the installation of various other items of work including fencing, seeding, and riprap slope protection.


Large cast-in-place concrete slabs were placed for the channel bottom on this project. The slabs ranged from 2 to 4 feet in thickness and were founded on the rock bottom of the channel. The slabs were placed in the flow line of Turkey Creek. The work had to be performed and completed by utilizing staged construction and required numerous water diversion efforts to ensure a safe workplace. Each slab had rock anchors that had to be installed as well.

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